Sustainable Travel Tips: Go Green!

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In January, our experts suggested a few tips so you could “Go Green” in your 2023 adventures in our Green Travel piece. With Earth Day approaching, it’s important to remember that sustainable travel is becoming increasingly popular. Let’s join the mission and be mindful of our impact on the planet, even when we’re on vacation! With some planning and effort, it’s possible to enjoy your vacation while also protecting the environment, so we want to share some important sustainable travel tips to keep in mind.

Choose Eco-friendly accommodations.

When looking for a place to stay, look for hotels, lodges, or other accommodations that have implemented environmentally friendly practices. Many hotels now have sustainability policies, such as using renewable energy sources, reducing waste, and conserving water. You can also consider staying in a homestay or eco-lodge, often run by locals who prioritize sustainable travel practices.

Cut down on your carbon emissions.

Air travel is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, so consider alternatives like train, bus, or car travel when possible. If you do need to fly, look for airlines that have implemented carbon offset programs or choose to offset your own carbon emissions through a reputable organization. You can also reduce your impact on the environment by choosing destinations that are closer to home, taking public transportation or biking instead of driving and using energy-efficient appliances and electronics in your accommodations.

  • Use public transportation or walk.

Instead of renting a car or taking taxis, try using public transportation, renting a bike, or walking to explore the area. This reduces your carbon footprint and allows you to experience the local culture and scenery up close.

  • Support local and sustainable businesses.

When dining out, shopping, or participating in activities, seek out local and sustainable businesses. By choosing businesses that use locally sourced, organic, or sustainably produced products, you’re supporting the local economy while reducing the carbon footprint of your vacation. You can also look for businesses that have implemented eco-friendly practices like composting, using renewable energy, or reducing waste.

  • Offset your carbon footprint.

If you do need to fly or drive, consider offsetting your carbon footprint by supporting carbon offset programs or investing in renewable energy projects.

Choose sustainable activities.

Sustainable Travel Tips

Look for eco-friendly tours and activities that support local communities and protect natural resources. This could include hiking, bird watching, or visiting a local farmer’s market.

  • Be mindful of your waste.

Whether you’re enjoying a day at the beach, hiking in the mountains, or exploring a city, be mindful of your waste. Bring a reusable water bottle and refill it throughout the day, pack a reusable bag for shopping or carrying snacks, and dispose of your waste properly in designated bins or recycling stations. You can also reduce your waste by choosing products with minimal packaging and avoiding single-use plastics like straws, utensils, and bags.

  • Respect the local culture and environment.

Be mindful of your impact on the local environment and culture. Avoid activities that harm wildlife or damage the environment, and respect local customs and traditions.

By implementing these sustainable travel tips, you can enjoy an eco-friendly travel experience that supports local communities and protects the environment. Remember, small choices can make a big impact and “Go Green,” even when you’re on vacation!

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